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For Bohinj in Bloom – The Year of Investments

Spring is the season of many construction works in Bohinj, because the Bohinj Municipality is currently executing many projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure to make our environment even more attractive and regulated.

Three major projects are currently in progress in Stara Fužina, Ribčev Laz and Bohinjska Češnjica. Due to the complexity of projects and envisaged roadblocks, the projects will also impact the life of the local population and all visitors.

Stara Fužina

Stara Fužina is a typical alpine village with preserved old rural houses. The settlement dates back to pre-Roman times, and life in the village has changed immensely since then. Now, this is mostly a rural village, which is quite attractive among many tourists, especially in summer. Spatial needs and desires follow the development of the life in the village, where many events are organised in summer. The aforementioned needs involve road reconstruction, main square regulation and the construction of a new tourist and information centre.

The entire regulation of the area at the culture hall shall be conducted in three stages: the upper square, the lower platform with car parks and the riparian area. The main square will be integrated in the area between the shop, bar and culture hall, where many cultural events and fairs take place in summer. This will be the main meeting place, where locals and visitors meet and enjoy in good music and local products.

Bohinjska Češnjica

Bohinjska Češnjica is one of the villages on the sunny foothills of the Pokljuka plateau, i.e. it is located in the glacially reshaped Upper Bohinj Valley. This year, we have initiated a major investment in the construction of the sewage system and the reconstruction of the current municipal infrastructure, the public water distribution system, the local and state road lightning system. For the past couple of years, we have systematically regulated a significant part of the municipal infrastructure. We have already reconstructed the municipal infrastructure in the Lower Bohinj Valley and built the central purification plant in Bohinjska Bistrica, which provides for the purity of the Sava Bohinjka River. The restoration of municipal infrastructure in Bohinjska Češnjica is a further step in the efforts to ensure a clean environment and for “Bohinj in Bloom”.

Ribčev Laz

This small village on the east bank of Lake Bohinj is strongly characterised by the vicinity of one of the most visited natural sites in Bohinj and numerous visitors come to this village, especially in summer. To provide for traffic safety, a pleasant and safe walk from the village to the shore of Lake Bohinj, we have initiated the reconstruction of the road, the construction of a sidewalk and traffic calming islands in Ribčev Laz. The sidewalk will be used especially by visitors who will use the large and low-cost car park at the entry point to the village of Ribčev Laz.


Thank you for your understanding.

It is quite true that we are always in a hurry and that we are constantly looking for shortcuts. When something gets in our way, this usually puts us in a bad mood. We will make sure to minimise the number of obstacles and that traffic will run as smoothly as possible.

We thank everyone to consider traffic signalisation and to use designated bypass roads. We are constructing and reconstructing parts of Bohinj to make our environment even more beautiful and regulated. Please, be patient and consider traffic signalisation.


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