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Traffic calming campaign in Ukanc – 6 July 2019

Bohinj Municipality, Triglav National Park Public Institute, Turizem Bohinj, KS Stara Fužina – Studor will organise traffic calming campaign day in Ukanc, one of the most beautiful parts of Bohinj, i.e. on 6 July 2019. For one day, i.e. from 8:00 to 18:00, the road to Ukanc will be closed for traffic and we will enable the visit of Ukanc and the Savica Waterfall by organised free transport and hiking tours.

Traffic issues in alpine valleys and on passes are not only present in the Julian Alps but in the wider alpine area. Noise, dust, particle pollution and exceeded carrying capacity of the environment have a negative impact on nature. Bohinj Municipality and Turizem Bohinj have for many years successfully upgraded the sustainable traffic regime policy in Bohinj. Local people, tourist workers, nature scientists and other stakeholders strive to mitigate the pressure of motor traffic in Bohinj. Such policy has been a best practice example in certain parts of the Alps and has been very well accepted despite the initial contradictions and challenges. It was most certainly necessary.

The traffic calming campaign in Ukanc will coincide with the traffic calming campaign day on Mangrtska cesta road. In 2018, such traffic calming campaign was organised in the Vrata Valley. The aim of such campaigns is to motivate visitors to recognise the advantages of such traffic regimes and to enable the managers to introduce a sustainable and permanent environment friendly regime on extremely burdened areas of Triglav National Park.

The activities on 6 July will be organised according to a specific programme and instructions for those that intend to visit Ukanc. The campaign will be described in a special publication that will be handed to locals and visitors before the event. Our aim is not to limit the visitors to come to Ukanc, but to offer an alternative that will enable a genuine experience of this extraordinary area in the heart of Triglav National Park. No stress caused by traffic.

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