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Ski bus Bohinj

Bohinj Ski Bus takes you close to the slopes (no walking from the distant parking place required).

It provides transport services to Vogel, Soriška Planina, Senožeta and Pokljuka ski centres.

You contribute to a cleaner environment. You avoid the stress of searching for a free car park.

You can ride the ski bus free of charge by submitting a BASIC or PREMIUM Winter Julian Alps Card: Bohinj. The ski bus is also free of charge for all local residents in Bohinj (on the basis of a valid document indicating residence) and with a valid train ticket (from the same day)

The ski bus is free of charge if you buy the Bohinj SKI train package

The Bohinj Ski Bus services can also be used by other guests, however, such services are not free of charge. Children up to 4 years of age can use ski-bus free of charge, children from 4-10 years of age have 50 % discount. When used without applicable cards or options, rides on all lines are charged according to the regular price list.

Timetable: Ski bus Bohinj (pdf, 427 KB)

Timetable for Ski bis Vogel from 1. 3. 2020: SKI_BUS_VOGEL_MAREC.

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