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Full road closure Jereka – Boh. Češnjica – 29. and 30. 7.

Due to the complete closure of the state road Jereka-Bohinjska Češnjica due to resurfacing, on 29 July and 30 July 2021 there will be no free bus on line 7 (Hop-On Hop-Off Pokljuka). There will also be no free bus on the Upper Bohinj Valley on line 2 Bohinjska Bistrica – Lake Bohinj – Bohinjska Bistrica and regular buses of the Arriva carrier to the Savica waterfall (via Zgornja dolina). All buses that should run in the Upper Valley will run in the Lower Valley to Stara Fužina and from there according to the timetable, applies to both directions.

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