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Around Bohinj

You can reach any place by public transport, i.e. by bus, hop-on hop-off bus and by free shuttles. Those who are more interested in an active vacation, will choose bikes which you can rent at many places, and start exploring our beautiful valley along the cycling route. Wherever you are and wherever you want to go, make your journey environmentally-friendly.


Every step counts. Especially those steps that promote a cleaner, nicer and greener tomorrow. We are doing our best to offer you as many alternatives to driving in Bohinj as possible, so you won’t even miss your car. And we appreciate you choosing our alternatives – whether you live here or are just visiting.


Explore Bohinj by bike. The extensive trail system in Bohinj enables cyclists a number of experiences by bike. A panoramic ride along the asphalt Bohinj cycling route, or along the most difficult cycling trails that award you with premium views. By mountain bike or comfortable e-bike.

Bohinj Cycling Route

A multi-purpose cycling route connects the Upper and Lower Bohinj Valleys. The entire route is asphalt road and is well-marked to take you past many natural and cultural sites. With many flat sections as well as diverse slopes, the route is appropriate for family cycling tours.

You can find more details about the route on the official tourist Bohinj site: Bohinj Cycling Route. Due to many cyclists on the route we kindly ask you to follow and observe the Golden Cycling Rules.

Packages and guided bike tours

If you wish to upgrade your experience here in Bohinj, we invite you to view packages and guided bike tours. Please view our offer: Cycling in Bohinj.

Map with featured cycling route around Bohinj

Bike rental

Trekking bikes with special offer (bikes can be taken at one site and returned elsewhere upon agreement):

  • AGENCIJA HIKE&BIKE, Triglavska cesta 37 a, Bohinjska Bistrica, t: +386 (0)31 374 660,
  • CENTER TNP BOHINJ, Stara Fužina 37-38, t: +386 (0)45 780 245,

Other bike rental options:

  • ALPINSPORT, Ribčev Laz 53, t: +386 (0)4 572 34 86, m: +386 (0)41 918 803,
  • SPORT4FUN, Boh. Bistrica (at Danica Campsite), m: +386 (0)41 975 878,
  • PAC SPORTS, Ribčev Laz 60, t: +386 (0)4 572 34 61, m: +386 (0)40 864 202,
  • LD TURIZEM, Mencingerjeva 10, Bohinjska Bistrica, t: +386 (0)4 574 76 00,
  • SOUVENIR SHOP – ‘POŠTA PR’ JEZERU, Ribčev Laz 47, Bohinjsko jezero, t: +386 (0)4 572 96 50, m: +386 (0)31 518 969,


Walking is a very pleasant activity that is very healthy and offers you an opportunity for an intensive experience of the environment. There are many options for walking and hiking in Bohinj. From simple walks by visiting various sites in the valley to attractive alpine trails. Hiking trails and other hiking-related information are available on: Hiking in Bohinj.


Even though it is surrounded by many mountains, Bohinj is a small a world by itself. Everyone feels it in their own way. You can experience Bohinj as a large botanical garden, a paradise for hikers, it can be a venue for magnificent views, the place for creating great photos, a place of cultural events, the treasury of cultural heritage or just a hidden corner where you can rest with eyes wide open. Let Bohinj drive you. Come by public transport. In all seasons.

Free park and ride options in the summer season

We promote sustainable mobility in Bohinj by offering park and ride options in the summer season. You can use free transport options in Bohinj.

Bus along the Upper Bohinj Valley

The bus rides during school holidays from Monday to Friday, i.e. until 25 July 2019. The bus is free with the Julian Alps: Bohinj Card. Timetables can be viewed here (pdf, 392 KB): Bus along the Upper Bohinj Valley.

Hop-on hop-off summer bus to Pokljuka

From 29 June to 15 September 2019 the bus drives from Ribčev Laz along the Lower Bohinj Valley to Pokljuka and back. Timetables can be viewed here (pdf, 2MB): Hop-on Hop-off to Pokljuka.

Summer bus – Savica Waterfall

An additional route has been added to regular lines in July and August, i.e. to the car park at the Savica Waterfall. The bus is free with the Julian Alps: Bohinj Card. Timetables can be viewed here (pdf, 177 KB): Savica Waterfall Bus.

Bohinj Ski Bus in winter

In winter, Bohinj offers free SKI BUS rides to Vogel, Soriška planina, Senožeta and Pokljuka ski centres. You don’t have any worries about arranging transport. Simply park your car at your accommodation provider, avoid the crowds and searching for a free spot near the ski centre. The ski bus will take you right to the ski centre. It can’t be simpler. Valid timetables can be viewed here (pdf, 215 KB): Ski bus Bohinj

Regular bus lines all year round

Every time when you choose bus over driving a car in Bohinj, you make an important contribution to nature preservation. From your door to the lake, from village to village and to many sights. Without searching for parking spaces and without worries. Regularly updated timetables can be viewed on the Arriva bus company website.


Guided panoramic boat rides on Lake Bohinj compliment your activities and can be quite an interesting experience for the youngest as well as an environmentally-friendly option to get to the other side of the lake. Panoramic boat on Lake Bohinj rides every day from April to November. Reservations are necessary for groups with more than 20 persons. All info (prices and extra offer) can be viewed on the official tourist site Panoramic boat on Lake Bohinj.


1 April – 5 July

Direction: Ribčev Laz – Ukanc ● 9:30 ● 10:50 ● 12:10 ● 13:30 ● 14:50 ● 16:10 ● 17:30

Direction: Ukanc – Ribčev Laz ● 10:10 ● 11:30 ● 12:50 ● 14:10 ● 15:30 ● 16:50 ● 18:10

6 July – 15 September

Ribčev Laz, Ukanc ● 9:30 ● 10:10 ● 10:50 ● 11:30 ● 12:10 ● 12:50 ● 13:30 ● 14:10 ● 14:50 ● 15:30 ● 16:10 ● 16:50 ● 17:30 ● 18:10

16 September – 3 November

Direction: Ribčev Laz – Ukanc ● 10:50 ● 12:10 ● 13:30 ● 14:50 ● 16:10

Direction: Ukanc – Ribčev Laz ● 11:30 ● 12:50 ● 14:10 ● 15:30 ● 16:50



  • e-mail: [email protected]
  • Contact person: Lucija Rozman: +386(0)41 353 064
  • Reservations are necessary for groups with more than 20 persons.
  • You can also get discounted offers for riding the Bohinj Tourist Boat under Bohinj Package, the owners of the Julian Alps: Bohinj Card ride the boat for free.


Entry and exit points, ports and other regulations for all types of vessels

Lake Bohinj, the Sava Bohinjka and its tributaries represent a unique water system in the heart of Triglav National Park. A safe and environmentally-friendly navigation on Lake Bohinj and Sava Bohinjka River is regulated by the navigation regime.

Vessels can enter Lake Bohinj and the Sava Bohinjka River only at designated entry and exit points and in ports, where all the infrastructure is provided and where you can safely enter the lake and the river, where you can use moors as well as keep kayaks and canoes. All vessels must have permits for the use of entry and exit points attached to them.

  • Permitted for sport and rowing boats with max. 8 m length
  • Prohibited navigation of motor driven vessels
  • The permit applies only for one vessel and must be attached on the vessel. The permit is not transferable.
  • Navigation rules in Bohinj (pdf)


  • Navigation is permitted all year round
  • Temporary mooring and landing outside the designated moorings from 8:00 to 20:00


  • Navigation is permitted from 1 April to 31 October
  • In April and October from 10:00 to 17:00
  • In May and September from 10:00 to 18:00
  • From June to August, from 9:00 to 19:00
  • Entry to Lake Bohinj and Sava Bohinjka is permitted only at the defined entry-exit points and at moorings.

The navigation regulations apply for all types of vessels (also for stand-up paddle boards SUP). The use of entry and exit points and the purchase of a permit are not required for other sport vessels including kites, surfs, hydrospeed, inflatable boats with max. 2 m length and similar equipment. Navigation in the area of bathing waters on Lake Bohinj, i.e. 100 metres from the shore, is prohibited except in the case of navigation from/to entry and exit points or ports.

All activities in, on and along the lake, the Sava Bohinjka River and its tributaries are carried out at your own risk. We recommend you to use experienced and qualified local guides. Leaflet: navigation regulations in Bohinj.

  • The permit applies only for one vessel and must be attached on the vessel. The permit is not transferable.
  • Navigation in the area of bathing waters on Lake Bohinj, i.e. 100 metres from the shore, is prohibited except in the case of navigation from/to entry and exit points or ports.


  • Daily EUR 2
  • Weekly EUR 5
  • 30 days EUR 10
  • 60 days EUR 15
  • Yearly EUR 20
  • Navigation is permitted all year round (applies for vessels with max. 8 metre length)
  • Prohibited navigation of motor driven vessels
  • (exception: training of sport organisations with registered activity)
  • Entry to the lake is permitted solely at entry and exit points and moorings
  • Temporary mooring and landing outside the designated moorings is permitted from 8:00 to 20:00
  • From 20:00 to 8:00, watercraft must be safety moored at appropriate mooring facilities
  • or kept at designed sites at the mooring
  • Please follow the mooring operator instructions and the mooring policy


At the mooring and on the shore within the area of the mooring it is prohibited:

  • to leave vessels outside the area of sites that are determined for mooring and storing vessels;
  • to obstruct access to moorings;
  • to moor vessels to objects that are not intended for mooring;
  • to deliberately relocate, replace, remove or damage objects or markings intended for navigational regulation;
  • to use moorings for sunk and stranded vessels or vessels that are in any way inoperable for navigation;
  • for vessels and floating objects to obstruct public transport at the mooring;
  • to swim or fish.
  • The permit is valid for one watercraft for the use of mooring
  • The permit applies to the use of entry-exit points on Lake Bohinj and the Sava Bohinjka River
  • The permit must be glued to the watercraft and is not transferable.
  • Leaflet: ports on Lake Bohinj


  • Daily EUR 12
  • Weekly EUR 20
  • 30 days EUR 60
  • 60 days EUR 90
  • Yearly EUR 120
  • Buoy mooring and storage at the mooring (dry mooring) are subject to payment of a 50% fee.


  • An application must be completed and submitted to Turizem Bohinj (mooring manager) for mooring or storage (dry mooring) at the port for a longer period of time.
  • Application for mooring or storage at the port
  • Information: Turizem Bohinj, t: +386 (0)45 74 75 90, e: [email protected]
  • Tourist Information Centre Bohinjska Bistrica (LD Turizem)
    Mencingerjeva 10, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica
    t: +386 (0)4 574 76 00, e: [email protected]
  • Tourist Information Centre Ribčev Laz (TD Bohinj)
    Ribčev Laz 48, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
    t: +386 (0)45 74 60 10, e: [email protected]
  • Tourist Information Centre Stara Fužina
    Stara Fužina 53 b, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
    t: +386 (0)45 72 33 26, e: [email protected]
  • TNP Centre Bohinj
    Stara Fužina 37-38, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
    t: +386 (0)4 57 80 245, e: [email protected]
  • PAC Sports (Hostel Pod Voglom)
    Ribčev Laz 60, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
    t: +386 (0)45 72 34, 61 e: [email protected]
  • Alpinsport
    Ribčev Laz 53, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
    t: +386 (0) 45 72 34 86, e: [email protected]
  • Sport4fun
    Ob kampu Danica, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica
    t: +386 (0)41 889 916, e: [email protected]
  • Penzion Rožič
    Ribčev Laz 42, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
    t: +386 (0)45 72 33 93, e: [email protected]
  • Čolnarna Izi Boats
    At St John’s Church
    t: +386 (0)31 885 746, e: [email protected]


Turizem Bohinj
Stara Fužina 38, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
t: +386 (0)45 74 60 10, f: +386 (0)45 74 75 91
e: [email protected]


Taxi services are the best choice when you need a ride at special occasions, at late hours and when there are no other transport options. There are various providers of transport services who will drive you across Bohinj, to other places in Slovenia or across the border.

Taxi services providers:

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