The new cycle route is not yet in use!

Please be aware that construction works on the Soteska- Bohinjska Bistrica cycle path are still ongoing and the route of the new cycle path is still a construction site. Staying in the area of the construction site and machinery is strictly forbidden and, above all, dangerous.

We urge you to stay off the route of the new cycle path and to refrain from directing guests and visitors to it. For the time being, cyclists are required to ride on the national road on the route Soteska – Bohinjska Bistrica. Once construction is complete, they will be diverted to the new cycling route.

Thank you for following the guidelines.

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Parkiranje v Bohinju je dovoljeno le na označenih parkiriščih.
Šotorjenje ter prenočevanje z avtodomi in ostalimi vozili je dovoljeno le v kampih in na parkiriščih za avtodome.

Please leave your vehicle in one of the designated car parks.
Tents, caravans and other vehicles can stay overnight only in campsites and in designated caravan car parks.