E-charging stations

We cannot foresee what development will bring, but we can already use the possibilities that are available to us. If you have an electric car taking you to Bohinj, there are several public charging points available for a fee.

More and more accommodation providers in Bohinj also offer the possibility of charging your hobby electrically. Please check availability when booking.

Electric Vehicle Charging Service Price List - Slovenia

ServiceCharging at connections with a nominal power of up to 22 kW Charging at connections with rated power from 22.01 kW to 50 kWCharging at connections with a rated power above 50.01 kW
Permanent Registration0,39 € / kWh 0,50 € / kWh0,70 € / kWh
Temporary registration (valid 24h)0,43 €/ kWh 0,55 €/ kWh0,77 €/ kWh
Secondary tariff is billed after elapsed time*180 min 60 min40 min
Secondary tariff is valid within 7:00 - 20:00 24/7 24/7
Price of secondary tariff 0,04 € / min 0,08 € / min 0,15 € / min
  • The price list is taken from the Petrol page: charging prices at the charging infrastructure. Always check with the source for any price changes.
  • * The prices are listed in EUR and include the VAT.
  • * Price list validity: from June 26, 2023, until further notice.
  • * After the time has elapsed, an additional tariff per minute is charged on top of the energy transferred.
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