Organised transfers and time tables

As a contribution to sustainable mobility in Bohinj, we also offer organised transport services (summer season transport, holiday transport, ski bus, on-call transport, etc.) in addition to the regular bus lines. These services are NOT intended for organised groups of passengers!

Ski Bus Bohinj: Vogel

Ski Bus Bohinj: Soriška planina

Ski Bus Bohinj: Pokljuka

PRE-BOOKED Ski Bus shuttle transfers (Soriška Planina, Pokljuka)

PRE-BOOKED Ski Bus shuttle transfers (Soriška Planina, Pokljuka)

Timetable to Pokljuka:

  • Bled (10:00) - Pokljuka, Rudno polje (10:45)
  • Pokljuka, Rudno polje (14:00) - Bled (14:45)


Turizem Bled:

The bus operates between 15 December 2023 and 3 March 2024, during ski resort opening times. The Bled Ski Bus transports passengers to the Kranjska Gora, Pokljuka and Vogel ski centres.

Price: 10 EUR for a return ticket*

* FREE for children up to 14 years of age, Julian Alps card: Bled and Julian Alps International Ski Pass holders.

It is also possible to purchase a non-transferable season ticket for 30 EUR per person in Infocenter Triglavska Roža from 14 December 2023 onward.

Mandatory pre-booking: via the online form by 8 p.m. the day prior to travel.


08.30 Bled - Vogel 9.30
16.00 Vogel – Bled 17.00

10.00 Bled - Pokljuka 10.45
14.00 Pokljuka – Bled 14.45

Kranjska Gora
8.30 Bled – Kranjska Gora 9.30
16.00 Kranjska Gora - Bled 17.00

Pick up points:

The bus operates during ski resort opening times.

We reserve the right to change timetables and cancel individual services due to unforeseen circumstances

Regular public transport lines

Bohinj is connected to Ljubljana by a regular bus service every day of the year. Check also the regular lines around Bohinj. ATTENTION! Regular bus services are not free of charge.

  • timetables and fares for regular lines from Ljubljana: Ljubljana Bus Station
  • timetables and price lists of regular lines from/to Ljubljana and Bohinj:

Benefits for the holders of the Julian Alps Card: Bohinj

  • free regular bus services around Bohinj
  • 50% discount for regular services outside Bohinj (departure stop must be in Bohinj)

Mobile app: Take the train

Take the train with your bike

If you want to take your bike on the train, you have to pay €1.50 (€3.00 for an electric bike), regardless of the distance travelled. The number of bicycles a train can carry depends on the type and occupancy of the train. Groups of more than 10 passengers travelling by bicycle must book their journey at least 8 working days in advance. Find out more about bicycle transport options on Slovenian Railways.

Extra capacity in summer and delays

V času poletne sezone (do 27. avgusta) bo na Bohinjski progi začel veljati poletni vozni red.

Slovenian Railways also promises to increase capacity on individual trains, in particular for the transport of bicycles. However, crowding and delays on individual routes will unfortunately not be completely avoidable and require some tolerance and understanding.

A more detailed timetable and up-to-date information on delays and bottlenecks are available on the Slovenian Railways website .

The Integrated Public Passenger Transport (IJPP) timetables display provides an overview of the timetables of intercity bus and passenger train lines in Slovenia.

Explore further

Green mobility is a win-win solution

Everything we do for nature, we do for ourselves. In addition to the benefits we provide in Bohinj as a token of our appreciation for your contribution to sustainable mobility, by making responsible choices you will make a long-term impact on the quality of your own visit here, while at the same time taking care of your health by engaging in outdoor activities.

Winter Card Julian Alps: Bohinj

  • The Winter Card is available from 16 November until 31 March
  • 3, 5 or 10-day cards are available
  • Special reduced price for guests arriving in Bohinj by public transport

The card offers many benefits: free ski bus, free public transport, free admission to museums, discounts at the Water Park, ski passes and ski equipment rental… Benefits for card holders are also available outside Bohinj. Check the brochure for details.

Hiking in Bohinj

Walking not only brings health benefits but also the opportunity to experience the environment you are exploring in the most intense way. There are countless options for hikers in Bohinj, in every possible variation. From simple walks with sightseeing in the valleys to attractive trails in the high mountains.

You can check the range of hiking trails and other hiking-related information at Hiking in Bohinj. We particularly recommend one of the three Bohinj stages of the Juliana Trail. You can also use the OUTDOOR ACTIVE app to plan your hikes and walks.

Pohodništvo v Bohinju; Foto: Mitja Sodja
Kolesarjenje Bohinj, foto: MItja Sodja

Cycling in Bohinj

Explore Bohinj by bike. The extensive trail system in Bohinj offers cyclists a wide range of cycling experiences. From panoramic rides on the asphalted Bohinj Cycle Route to the toughest cycle tours, where all the effort is outweighed by the superb views. On a regular mountain bike or a comfortable e-bike.

If you want to upgrade your experience, we invite you to take a look at our packages and guided cycling experiences. You can find more ideas about cycling in Bohinj on the Cycling in Bohinj page.

Other outdoor activities

You can fill your time away from everyday life with a wide range of outdoor activities – at any time of the year and in any weather:

You can easily book and buy your favourite activities in the Julian Alps online: activities in the Julian Alps.

Plezanje v Bohinju, foto: Mojca Odar

Julian Alps Summer Card: Bohinj

  • The Summer Card is available from 1 April to 15 November
  • 3, 5 or 10-day cards are available
  • Special reduced price for guests arriving in Bohinj by public transport

The card offers a number of benefits: free public transport, free rides on the panorama boat, free tickets to museums, the Savica waterfall and the Mostnice riverbed. Benefits for card holders are also available outside Bohinj. Check the brochure for details.

Frequently asked questions

Public transport providers have their own rules.
  • Shuttle services on lines 1, 2, 6, 7 and 9 do not accept dogs.
  • On lines 5 and 8, dogs can be transported with the mandatory use of a muzzle.
  • On lines 3 and 4, the rules on the carriage of dogs were established on the basis of Article 42 of the Decree on the Method of Execution of the Public Service of Public Regular Passenger Carriage by Road, on the Concession of this Public Service and on the Regulation of the Single Ticket System issued by the competent ministry and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No.29/2019 of 6 May 2019. 5. 2019.

Article 42

(transport of animals)

(1) No live animals may be carried on public regular transport vehicles, except:

- police dogs, military dogs, rescue dogs and mountain rescue dogs accompanied by a handler,

- guide dogs with a handler

- smaller animals in the manner and under the conditions laid down in paragraph 4 of this Article.

(2) The dog must be on a lead, muzzled and have the appropriate veterinary vaccination certificate valid for the current year.

(3) Dogs that are unclean or wet shall not be transported. In the case of overcrowed vehicles, dogs may not be transported, except in exceptional circumstances.

(4) Small animals may be carried as hand luggage in suitable means of transport, but at the passenger's sole risk and in such a way that other passengers are not hindered, endangered or disturbed and the vehicle is not polluted.

Buses for free organised transport stop only at the locations indicated on the timetables of the individual lines. For more information, see the current timetables at the top of this page.

Free organised transport is for individual passengers and NOT for organised groups.

If you would like a shuttle service for a group (e.g. to Mount Blato or to Pokljuka), please contact the transport operators, who offer a shuttle service for a fee.

YES. In the Bohinj area, holders of the Julian Alps: Bohinj Card can travel free of charge on regular public transport lines and organised services. In case of a bus ride outside Bohinj, you can benefit from a 50% discount on the ticket. The card also offers free train travel. More about the Julian Alps: Bohinj card.

Ideas for adventures

Two hiking and two cycling tours in Bohinj. For more digitised tours and ideas for experiences, visit