Sustainable mobility

Welcome to Bohinj! Enjoy a carefully protected natural and cultural landscape. Be part of the vision to create a green future and make use of organised and affordable environmentally friendly transport options.

Bohinj: an Alpine pearl

Bohinj is one of the leading Alpine municipalities in Slovenia in the field of sustainable mobility. We are a member of the Alpine Pearls, which promotes sustainable mobility as part of the added value in tourism. We are also a holder of the platinum Slovenia Green label, part of a scheme that brings together destinations committed to sustainable tourism development.

Our aim is to make transport friendly to nature and people, to  provide a good quality of life for local people and to contribute to the development of responsible tourism.

Bohinjska proga; foto: Mitja Sodja

Bohinj faces specific mobility needs, mainly due to the highly seasonal nature of tourism. In peak seasons, transport infrastructure often seems inadequate to cope with traffic demand. On the other hand, major infrastructure projects that can cope with these high loads in the short peaks often turn out to be severely oversized for the rest of the year, and they represent major interventions in a sensitive Alpine space, on top of being very expensive.

That’s why Bohinj decided a few years ago to move in the direction of finding different forms of sustainable mobility, based on a more modern approach to transport demand that seeks to make the best use of existing infrastructure, support public passenger transport and find innovative ways of mobility. We advocate and work on a dispersed parking system, optimising public transport and promoting alternative forms of mobility (cycling, walking).

European Mobility Week

The theme of sustainable mobility is also followed by the traditional European initiative, European Mobility Week, which aims in particular to encourage the introduction and promotion of sustainable transport measures. Every year, thousands of participating cities are connected in an effort to make mobility more people-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Activities take place throughout the year, culminating between 16-22 September. The municipality of Bohinj has joined this initiative on several occasions.

The European Mobility Week in Bohinj is part of the LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE project (LIFE17 IPC/SI/000007), funded by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning under the Climate Change Fund.

Bohinjska proga; foto: Mitja Sodja

The municipality of Bohinj has adopted a number of strategic documents in the field of sustainable mobility, which can be found in the links below:

The Sustainable Mobility in Bohinj website is funded by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning under the Climate Change Fund within the LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE project (LIFE17 IPC/SI/000007).

Proposals and initiatives

The online form is for you to submit an idea or suggestion to change and improve something in your town. Please fill in the fields below, add location and photos if necessary, and confirm the submission of the petition at your email address. If the petition is not confirmed, it will be deemed not to have been submitted.

Suggestions and initiatives are intended to provide information to the entities with substantive responsibility. They do not constitute a commitment or a liability for the municipality to deal with.
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Sustainable mobility survey


Prenočevanje z avtodomi in drugimi vozili je dovoljeno le v kampih in na postajališčih za avtodome. V kampu Danica (Bohinjska Bistrica) in kampu Soriška Planina so še na voljo prosta mesta. Kamp Bohinj (Ukanc) je poln za kamperje in za šotore.


Overnight stays in camper vans and other vehicles are only allowed in campsites and caravan parks. There are still places available at Camp Danica (Bohinjska Bistrica) and Camp Soriška Planina. Camp Bohinj (Ukanc) is full for campers and for tents.