Current situation in Bohinj – May

Updated: 14 May 2024, at 7:30



  • Recently fallen snow may have caused trees to fall on some hiking and mountain trails.
  • The conditions are wintry, so caution and the use of suitable equipment is advised.
  • Check for avalanche risk.





  • Parking is only allowed in designated parking spaces!
  • Parking is not allowed everywhere else, including on regional roads, and is sanctioned by the municipal control services (Inter-municipal Inspectorate and Control Service of the municipalities of Bled, Bohinj and Železniki).
  • All parking spaces, including occupancy, can be found here.



  • The Hunting Trail (Ribčev Laz – Ukanc, south side of the lake) is closed.
  • Some hiking trails are more difficult to pass due to fallen trees.
  • Please check the News and Updates section for up-to-date information about road closures and traffic in the Bohinj area.



  • More information:
  • Due to the works on the route Bohinjska Bistrica – Bled Jezero from 20 – 24 May an alternative service is organised for the trains mentioned in the link above, according to an adapted timetable. Link: timetable for alternative transport *
  • These buses cannot carry wheelchair users. Bicycles and animals cannot be transported. Alternative services may be subject to delays, so please take this into account when planning your journey.
  • Due to construction works and renovation of the Nova Gorica railway station, from 4 February 2024 until further notice (scheduled for 14 December 2024) it will not be possible to load cars on the 850 bus departing from Nova Gorica station at 6.32 (cars can be loaded at Most na Soči station). It will also be impossible to unload cars at Nova Gorica station from AVTOVLAK No 861** arriving at 22.39 (unloading of all cars will therefore already be possible at Most na Soči station).* The above-mentioned buses cannot carry wheelchair users. Bicycles and animals cannot be transported either. Delays may occur on alternative services, so please take this into account when planning your journey.
    ** Train No 861 runs from 30.3. to 6. 10. 2024
    We apologise to passengers and thank them for their understanding.



  • ✍️ there is snow and ice on the paths of our mountains
  • ✍️ plan your tour carefully
  • ✍️ should be suitable for your psycho-physical abilities
  • ✍️ Ensure appropriate equipment and clothing (winter gear, crampons, ice axe, avalanche kit…)
  • ✍️ ✅️ Tourist information officers inform your guests about the difficulty of Slovenian mountains in winter conditions
  • ✍️ ✅️ include licensed mountaineering and mountain guides in your tours
  • ✍️ keep your mobile phone full 🔋, tell your hosts where you are and when you’ll be back ⏳️
  • ✍️ ✅️ to the mountains only 💯 HEALTHY
  • Whatever the season, there are three golden rules for hiking and mountaineering: the right equipment, the right destination and good information (weather, closed trails, etc.). And, of course, all the other tips for staying safe in the mountains. Let safety always come first!!
  • Don’t let your exploit become one of the heartbreaking stories of this year’s heavily overworked mountain rescuers. (in Slovene language, you need translator to read those stories).

Be careful and safe in ⛰️ mountains. Take care 🍀



  • Before you travel, check road conditions, delays and other information that could change your journey time on
  • In the News and Updates section, we keep you up-to-date with traffic information from the Bohinj area.




  • Rescue teams from the field in various municipalities in the Julian Alps report that (especially foreign) tourists ignore roadblocks, go unprepared into the mountains and disregard safety instructions. Some situations are life-threatening. Please help us spread the message about the need for preventive behaviour.



  • Bohinj is preparing a Strategic Development Plan for the balanced and responsible development of Bohinj through tourism up to 2030.
  • Further information and the baseline analysis can be found at the following link: MOJ BOHINJ 2030 (available only in Slovene language).


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