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Published: 26.04.2024 (on the website of the Municipality of Bohinj)

In the area of Bohinjska Bistrica, in accordance with the Decision on the determination of public parking areas, parking fees and parking cards (Official Gazette of the Municipality of Bohinj, No 2/24), a parking regime allowing free short-term parking will be established on 1 June in car parks.

The car parks where it is planned to establish are:

  • P28 Bohinjska Bistrica 28 (Cemetery, Spar)
  • P29 Bohinjska Bistrica 29 (Joža Ažman Cultural Centre)
  • P30 Bohinjska Bistrica 30 (Trg svobode, Local Market Square)

Short-term parking (one or two hours) will be available in the car parks. For holders of the “Citizen” or “Holiday Home Owner” and “Friends of Bohinj” parking cards, parking is unrestricted. The condition is that the parking card has been paid for the current year.

The blue zone marking indicating the short-term parking zone is already in place in the car parks, and the parking regime and controls will be implemented from 1. 6..



Published: 25.04.2024 (on the website of the Municipality of Bohinj)

Please be informed that from Friday, 26.4.2024 until further notice there will be a complete closure of the Bled – Bohinj cycle path (section Bohinjska Bistrica – Grmečica) due to the laying of fine asphalt.



Construction of the Nomenj Car Park

Published: 11.07.2024 (on the website of the Municipality of Bohinj)

Construction has begun on the Nomenj car park near the railway station, which will include 100 parking spaces and a connection to the main road. The expected completion date is early August.

You can read more about it here.

Reconstruction of Road Sections in the Villages of Koprivnik and Gorjuše

Published: 03.07.2024 (on the website of the Municipality of Bohinj)

In July, work will begin on the reconstruction of road sections in the following areas:

  • Koprivnik: public road 515671 Odcep Zupanc.
  • Zgornje Gorjuše: public road 515861 C. Skozi Zgornje Gorjuše I.
  • Spodnje Gorjuše: public road 515801 Cesta proti Lotriču (continuation of last year’s phase).

Residents are asked for their understanding and patience during the construction period.

You can read more about it here.


Published: 25.01.2024 (on the website of the Municipality of Bohinj)

The amendments to the current Decision on the determination of public parking areas, parking fees and parking cards concern:

  • The abolition of two temporary grass car parks (Labora and Kristal).
  • Establishment of a new car park at Nomen and establishment of parking regimes in existing car parks in Bohinjska Bistrica.
  • Standardisation of pricing policy.

The proposal for a decision was already presented to the relevant committees of the Municipal Council before the previous session, where the positions of the committees were examined in the discussions before the decision was finalised and no comments were made on the proposal to harmonise prices.

Reasons for the changes:

In 2024, the Municipality of Bohinj will implement the announcements and commitments made in the strategic documents addressing traffic calming in Bohinj (e.g. All strategies were subject to a wide public debate and adopted with strong support at the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Bohinj.

Thus, in addition to the closure of car park P10 Ribčev Laz 10 (lawn opposite Kristal), the final closure of temporary grass car park P07 Ribčev Laz 7 (Labora) is foreseen in 2024. Part of temporary grass car park P04 Stara Fužina 4 (Vegelj) was already closed in 2023. The closure of the car parks is not intended to replace all the parking spaces, but to make use of existing car parks and the new car park at Nomenj.

We are not opening new car parks in Bohinjska Bistrica

In the area of Bohinjska Bistrica, areas of free short-term parking are being created (the car park next to the cemetery, in front of the Joža Ažman Cultural Centre and on Trg svobode (Freedom Square) – in front of the post office and the bank). Here, short-term parking (one or two hours) will be possible. For holders of the “citizen” or “owner of a holiday home” parking card, parking will be available without restrictions. . The condition is that the parking card has been paid for the current year. In practice, this would mean that day visitors will not be able to use these parking passes for all-day parking.

A new car park is planned at Nomenj, next to the railway station.

The level of parking charges is not changed, but the prices in the car parks in each area are standardised. . The car parks are classified into three zones in accordance with the provisions of the Traffic Regulation Ordinance. Parking lots P08 Stara Fužina 8 (Vorenčkojca) and P26 Stara Fužina 26 (under the KD in Stara Fužina) currently have a tariff of 3.0 €/h throughout the year. The proposal brings the parking charges in these two car parks in line with other car parks (e.g. Ukanc, Ribčev Laz) and sets them at EUR 0,5/h (1.1. to 31.3. and 1.11. to 31.12.) and EUR 1,5/h (1.4. to 31.5. and 1.10. to 31.10.) respectively.

The decision is published as part of the material for the 12th ordinary session of the Municipal Council in the announcement: HERE.



  • There is a new traffic regime on Planina Konjščica: “No traffic for all vehicles”
  • You can download the leaflet on the Parking – Pokljuka area subpage.


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