Meters and counters

Interesting information and measures to improve road safety. 


The Municipality of Bohinj, in cooperation with the Bohinj Tourist Board, has so far installed 13 “You drive” MHP50 speed displays as part of its efforts to improve road safety for citizens. The MHP50 “You drive” smart speed displays belong to the category of friendly preventive measures to improve road safety. The data collected by the display will be used to plan various traffic management measures in the wider area of the site where it is installed.

The graphs below show the current speed camera data at different locations for the last 15 days.

Parkiranje v Bohinju je dovoljeno le na označenih parkiriščih.
Šotorjenje ter prenočevanje z avtodomi in ostalimi vozili je dovoljeno le v kampih in na parkiriščih za avtodome.

Please leave your vehicle in one of the designated car parks.
Tents, caravans and other vehicles can stay overnight only in campsites and in designated caravan car parks.